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[01-20] Lost
[21-27] Gabourey Sidibe
[28-36] Melanie Brown
[37-42] Rosario Dawson

[43-48] Tina Fey
[49-55] Aladdin
[56-57] The Princess Bride
[58-65] Grease + John Travolta
[66-68] Iron Man
[69-70] Joss Stone
[71-73] Jewel
[74-75] Winona Ryder
[76-79] Julia Roberts
[80-84] Bono
[85-86] Ewan McGregor
[87-88] David Beckham

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Night Cheese

Tina In Esquire

I recently discovered that my University's library holds archived issues of popular magazines (Esquire, Vanity Fair, Vogue, etc.). After some searching I found the old Vanity Fair issue. I could have sworn I have seen pictures of Tina on Esquire. Does anyone remember what issue it was? I couldn't find it.
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